Practical Copywriting Course for Beginners

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Welcome to the practical copywriting course for beginners! In this course, we will guide you step-by-step to become a confident copywriter and start making money online selling your copywriting services. Whether you are a total beginner or have some experience, this course is designed to help you succeed. Let’s dive into the course and start your journey to becoming a successful copywriter!

Course Breakdown : Copywriting Course

The course is divided into six parts, each focusing on a specific aspect of copywriting. By following the course in order and completing the practice exercises, you will gain the skills and knowledge needed to start selling your copywriting services online.

Part 1: What is Copywriting Course

In this section, we will explore the definition of copywriting and its various forms. Copywriting is the act of writing text for advertisements or publicity materials. It can include website copy, sales page copy, emails, blog posts, and more. Understanding what copywriting is and the different types of copy you can sell is essential for success as a copywriter.

Part 2: Building a Foundation for Copywriting Course

To become a successful copywriter, it is crucial to develop a strong foundation. This includes honing your writing skills through daily reading and writing exercises. Reading every day exposes you to different writing styles and techniques, while writing every day helps you practice and improve your writing abilities. We will provide you with a 30-day writing exercise that will help you develop the discipline and skills necessary for copywriting.

Part 3: Learning the Basics of Copywriting Course

In this section, we will explore free and paid ways to learn the basics of copywriting. You can study good copy found on websites and marketing emails, submit your email to company websites to see their follow-up sequences, and even take online courses or read books dedicated to copywriting. By learning from successful examples and practicing the basics, you will gain a solid understanding of copywriting principles.

Part 4: Writing Your First Pieces of Copy

Now it’s time to put your skills to the test and start writing your first pieces of copy. We will provide you with 30-day copywriting prompts that you can use to practice writing different forms of copy, such as outbound prospecting emails, product or service descriptions, and website home pages. By completing these writing prompts and refining your work, you will build the confidence and portfolio necessary to attract clients.

Part 5: How to Build a Copywriting Portfolio

Your portfolio is essential for showcasing your skills and attracting clients. In this section, we will guide you on how to turn your writing prompts into portfolio pieces. Review all the prompts you have completed and select the best ones. If you are not satisfied with your work, continue practicing until you have a collection of high-quality pieces. These portfolio pieces will serve as examples of your abilities when approaching potential clients.

Part 6: How to Get Your First Customer

The final step in your copywriting journey is getting your first customer. We will discuss different platforms where you can list your services, such as freelance websites like Fiverr or creating your own website. We will provide tips on creating effective gig listings and optimizing your profile to attract clients. Patience is key during this phase, as it may take time to secure your first few orders. Stay focused, continue practicing, and believe in the value you can offer as a copywriter.


Congratulations on completing the practical copywriting course for beginners! You now have the knowledge and skills to start your journey as a confident copywriter. Remember, success as a copywriter requires determination, hard work, and a focus on providing value to clients. Continuously improving your skills, building your portfolio, and attracting customers will lead to a thriving copywriting business. Best of luck in your copywriting endeavors!


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